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Introducing Cohere Voice
Your customer success battlestation
Your users need help, but you can’t see their screen. Zoom is a hassle. Cohere lets you see and control their screen, with zero setup.
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Powering support and training processes from startups to enterprises. Try it now
Customer interaction superpowers
Effortless support
Customers want a solution, and you want context on their issues. Seamlessly access your users' screens with Cohere, and solve their issues without any frustrating back-and-forths.
"Cohere has really improved our Customer Support process, from easy access to understanding their immediate needs and assisting them in a more efficient way. Our customers are amazed at how easy it is for them to have someone from our team interact with them in seconds."
Gladymar RiveraCustomer Support Specialist, BrainHi
Unparalleled visibility
Get unparalleled context on your services and users, with the flexibility to step in and help whenever your customers need it.
Without Cohere
With Cohere
With Cohere, you can skip the endless, frustrating back-and-forths and jump straight to helping your customers out.
Seamlessly integrated.
Cohere integrates effortlessly with your existing tools to keep you in flow.
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Works with everything.
Cohere works on all of your users' devices and with the latest web technologies, regardless of language or framework.
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Loved by-customer facing teams
Cohere is dead simple and lightning fast. It helps us cut through a lot of wasted time with setting up a traditional screenshare, and makes our customers more comfortable and confident, knowing that we’re right there with cutting-edge support if needed. And the team provides friendly support, quick and helpful service — always.
Paul Moore
Product Support, Follow Up Boss
PSA: everyone absolutely needs to use Cohere — it’s helped us convert leads into customers who spend $1000s with us every year. Without a tool like this we were losing customers, we would sometimes spend up to 30-60 minutes to solve issues for users who weren’t tech-savvy. The instant that we got Cohere, everything changed — now the customers just call us on the phone, we ask them to grant permission and help them submit their projects in less than five minutes. There’s no better way to boost your success op than Cohere. Trust me and install it — you can thank me later.
Alex Tilici
Founder, VS24
Cohere has been game-changing for us. The platform has saved countless hours of walking clients through sharing their screen and undeniably reduced the learning curve for customers trying our product for the first time. When we first send a control request, customers are often surprised by the feature and how easy it makes the product support experience. One client mentioned to me, "that's amazing, you guys should sell that system". Cohere has saved us a tremendous amount of time and solidified our brand as a forward-thinking, support-focused technology company.
Nick Head
Account Manager, Cuboh
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